"A book that should be read by anyone ​involved in healthcare...."


     Identifying the single greatest threat to the healthcare and laboratory community, “Terrorism & The Medical Environment” is designed to help save lives, money, property and professional reputations.
     Adopting a unique ‘Age of Information’ format — one part narrative, one part incident database — “Terrorism & The Medical Environment” focuses on assassinations, bombings, armed assaults, kidnappings and disloyal insiders.
     The first and only book of its kind, awareness of the tactics, targets and trends discussed in “Terrorism & The Medical Environment” is imperative for all hospital and healthcare employees, first responders, police and military personnel, counterterrorism specialists and laboratory workers.

     A person or organization “aware” of terrorist tactics is less likely to become a victim of those tactics; is less likely to bemoan, “I wish I had known."


          Dr. Smith is the Operational Medical Director for the Arlington County (VA) Fire Department, an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine. He attended medical school at the Georgetown University, completed his residency training in Emergency Medicine at the George Washington University, and has spent the last 12 years developing training and programs to address regional emergency preparedness and operational gaps in the National Capital Region.
          As faculty, he was the Program Director for the George Washington University Emergency Health Services program and then led the Division of Special Operations Medicine where he oversaw the development of unique custom educational programs and medical operations for civilian and military special operations teams.
          In his current position as OMD for Arlington County, he oversees all medical operations, provider education, QA and medical protocols, and has developed new programs including unique operational EMS sub-specialty teams and Rescue Task Force, an innovative pre-hospital response to active violence and explosive scenarios.           

          Most recently, he co-founded and now co-chairs the non-profit Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care to facilitate medical knowledge transfer from combat to civilian use, and is co-developing the Arlington County High Threat program. Dr. Smith frequently presents at national and international medical conferences and delivers training to many groups ranging from tactical to operational to hospital-based.  

          Reed is a former EMS provider and Navy Corpsman and has strong interests in Operational & Tactical Medicine.

          A former U.S. Marine and Special Agent / Intelligence Officer with the U.S. Department of State, Louis R. Mizell has had a wide range of assignments in 105 countries: Vietnam, Lebanon, Pakistan, Iran, Colombia, El Salvador, Peru, Italy, Korea, Russia, etc.
          The author of nine books on terrorism, crime, security and safety including “Target USA” and “Street Sense for Parents” (featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show), Mizell has a Master’s Degree in law enforcement, taught a graduate course in international terrorism and has lectured on hospital security in the U.S. and four other countries.
          Quoted in more than 400 newspaper and magazine articles, Mizell has appeared in dozens of television news programs and documentaries, including “20 / 20”, “60 Minutes II”, “Good Morning America” and CNN.
          Still available for lectures and international troubleshooting, Mizell’s primary focus is in on his unique, 3-million incident, 80,000-topic Knowledgebase Information System.
          Consisting of 100 separate but interconnected ‘Systems’, Mizell’s Knowledgebase includes a system called “Terrorism, Crime & Security in the Hospital & Healthcare Environment” that divides nearly 180,000 incidents into 714 retrievable subcategories or  ‘Topic / Chronicles’.
          A physical fitness enthusiast and information monger, Mizell has enjoyed a life-long love of animals and wildlife.